Lydia has the most breathtaking beauty and while she is not a professional model, her photos were some of my favorite I’ve ever taken! I loved working with the light, her flawless hair and her gorgeous beautiful eyes! If you are in need of some modern, eye catching head shots or for a new LinkedIn profile pic, look no further! I’ve got you covered!  2016-10-06_0001 2016-10-06_0004 2016-10-06_0007 2016-10-06_0010 2016-10-06_0011 2016-10-06_0017 2016-10-06_0019 2016-10-06_0022 2016-10-06_0025 2016-10-06_0023 2016-10-06_0030 2016-10-06_0036 2016-10-06_0039 2016-10-06_0041 2016-10-06_0045